Side Trip To Lanai Part 1

I’m getting ready for a “business” trip to the island of Lana‘i tomorrow. Truth is, I’m tasked with gathering footage of the island’s highlights for a client. Yes, sometimes I feel like the luckiest person in the world. And this particular gig even has an added twist; nobody’s supposed to know that I’m there. More on that later.

I’m charging my camera battery, cleaning my polarizer, and making sure there’s nothing worth keeping on all the old cards I’m about to delete. I have a shot list, but I’ll most likely come back with way more footage than we need. It’s what I always do; I think everything could possibly be a great shot, if I find the right angle. I depart the Lahaina Harbor at 9:15 in the morning, and head west to Manele Bay.

I’m really looking forward to Lana‘i. It has the very best of 2 completely different worlds. One world is the shorelines that have beautiful beaches secluded from the crowds. The other is an upcountry playground covered with fast-moving clouds, horses, hiking, and misty Cooke pines. It’s gonna be cool to go back again.

More to come. For now, here’s some killer footage my friend Steve shot on Lana‘i for Scenic Hawaii.