Secret Beach Video Guide

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Secret Beach Video Guide

Music: “The Voyage Home” by Daniel Ho, from the album “Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar (The Complete Collection)”

Secret Beach is one of the most photographed places on Maui, as well as one of the most popular places to get married. It’s not a swimming beach like nearby Big Beach. But it’s great for hanging out in the tide pools, exploring and relaxing. Tides and surf can be strong at times, so be very careful not to get carried into the lava rocks by waves. The beach has two entry points on either side with a large lava outcropping in the middle. That leaves only small areas for swimming, so be careful. This beach is a challenge to find (hence the name), but if you can get there the challenge is definitely worth it.


4 Responses to “Secret Beach Video Guide”

  1. A Maui Blog Says:

    we’ve got to find that secret beach – thanks for revealing it – ;) Seriuosly, its a great beach to hang out :)

  2. Hawaiian O'Brien Says:

    Awesome beach to hang out at. Next tweetup should be there! :)

  3. Kellie Says:

    Dan, awesome videos, this will totally help me with the other side of the island for shooting locations that I am not as familiar with…great website.

  4. Hawaiian O'Brien Says:

    Glad to help Kellie! Let me know when you’re on South Side.

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