Keawanaku Beach

This is Keawanaku Beach, located in the lava fields of South Maui. It’s only accessible by boat or hike. The hike will take you through beautiful La Perouse Bay along the King’s Highway trail where you’ll traverse through the unforgiving lava fields that were made during Maui’s last known eruption. People lived among the rocks that the lava left behind, and you’ll see structures several hundred years old or more. And just when you feel like you’d never get there, a kiawe tree oasis appears in the lava desert. Find a trail that leads towards it, and you’ll find an awesome beach. The water at Keawanaku is crystal clear, super blue, and filled with underwater life. It’s a great secluded place for kayaking, snorkeling, exploring, and maybe a bit of fishing if you’re into that island sport. The best time to hike, boat, or kayak there is in early morning, since the afternoon trades can blow pretty hard on this part of the island.

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