EA Sports Maui Invitational

I was lucky enough to get a press pass for this year’s EA Sports Maui Invitational basketball tourney in Lahaina this year. The company I produce for (Maui’s Visitor Channel) already had footage from several years ago, but we needed some updated shots in HD. So I grabbed the camera and spent Monday surrounded by basketball.

I remember back in 1987 when my hometown team (the Orangemen of Syracuse) almost won the national title against Indiana. At the beginning of the next season they played the Maui Invitational, and it was so cool to see them competing here.

Now I’m living here on Maui, and I get to go to these awesome games myself. And the best part… I’m doing it for work! Now that’s something to be thankful for!

If you want to check out a quick vid we put together, click here and go to mauionline.com. Look on the right side of the page under “Events” and you’ll see the video link…