Christmas in Hawaii 2010

Even though it doesn’t feel like winter, Christmas is in full swing here on Maui. About half of our neighborhood’s 18 homes have lights and decorations, and all of the kids in the ‘hood are getting crazy with anticipation.

We just got our tree after Thanksgiving. Of course it will be uber-flammable within a week, but I still like it better than artificial trees. There’s something about the smell of a Christmas tree that reminds me of those cold Upstate NY days. It sounds insane, but I miss the winter time in Syracuse.

My daughters are getting really excited about the holidays. My oldest can’t wait for the usual overload of presents from Grandma and Santa. I think this year our new daughter will be happy with a new seat, since we’re always sticking her in this one!

We had a blast decorating the tree. My Mom used to give an ornament each Christmas that reflected an important event that happened during that year. When I complained one year about never getting any mail, my Mom got me a miniature mailbox ornament overflowing with mini letters. I still have every one of those ornaments, and now we’re starting the same tradition with our family.

Hope you’re all having a great holiday season wherever you are!


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